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Tips for Selling Your Charleston Home

Selling Your Home 101Some Valuable Tips for Selling Your Charleston Home

When you look around at the home you are thinking about selling, sometimes it is difficult to figure out where to start.  You know you have to start preparing somehow, but where?  Here are a few valuable tips for selling your home in the Charleston area.  Think about it...home sellers are naturally looking to receive the highest possible closing price for their property. But an over-priced home may attract more window shoppers and low-ball offers than genuine legitimate bids from buyers who are qualified for purchase and ready to pull the trigger.

There are quite a few ways that you can go about this, but its probably better to look towards a solution.  That solution is to put your home on the market for sale at the market value, rather than some inflated price that you pulled from a shiny hat. The next challenge, of course, is to figure out exactly what that market value is and then, develop a good pricing strategy.

Below are five tips that we can offer you:

1. Have a realistic strategy in mind. A true market price should instantly attract buyer interest and soon a few ready, willing and able buyers will surface. A price lower than market value may generate multiple offers or in some cases start a bidding war, if the market is hot and buyers have few other homes from which to choose.

2. Review the comps-Then Review them Again.  Ask a real estate agent like Jimbo Thompson to prepare a comparative market analysis on your behalf which includes recent sales prices of comparable homes in the surrounding and immediate areas, known as “comps.” Remember that the state of the market is the absolute best determinant of a home’s value.

3. Remember the Factors that Actually Determine a Home's Market Value.  Never base your asking price on how much you paid to buy your home, nor how much you owe on your mortgage. In fact, avoid basing it on how much you invested in home improvements. None those factors affects the home’s market value.

4. Don't be afraid to get creative. Many factors influence the amount of time it can take to sell your home. Consider some of the following possibilities such as a buyer’s agent bonus, seller financing, lease-purchase option, seller-paid closing costs or interest rate buy-down might induce some buyers to consider a higher-priced home.

5. Researching the market can do wonders for your thinking. Take a look around or search the MLS for homes that are similar to yours in size, area, amenities, etc.  Consider the asking prices not only of comparable homes that are for sale, but also homes that are currently on the market or have been withdrawn from the market. Compare the size, location, condition and amenities of the homes. Consider the high, low and average price per square foot of the homes as a starting point.


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