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Selling Your Home

So you need to sell your home, or maybe you have decided to relocate? Whatever your reason, it is a wise decision to list your property with the SC Property Pros.  We pride ourselves on helping our clients sell their houses for the best price and in the shortest time possible! Did you know that 90% of real estate purchases start at the web? By tapping into the 90% of consumers that use the internet to begin their search for new homes, we reach the widest audience of potential buyers. Our online marketing includes our website which has one of the most advanced MLS search capabilities available. We do multiple blog posts on your property, giving as much information as is possible. We produce video and virtual tours of the home that can be found on sites like YouTube. Additionally, we put your home as a featured listing on Trulia Network, and is the most visited real estate site on the web followed by Zillow and Trulia respectively, reaching millions of potential buyers. We also make your home listing sharable on all social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and many more. In addition to online marketing, we also employ more conventional types of advertising such as television and print ads. Locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, the SC Property Pros make sure that your home is featured in as many places and in as many languages as possible. Using the SC Property Pros is the best decision you will make when it comes to your real estate needs!

When it’s time to sell your house, our staff will put together the right marketing plan to make the selling of your home move quickly and hassle-free.

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Pre-Certified Homes

When you list with us, you will get a free home inspection by our certified home inspectors. The SC Property Pros have been inspecting homes for years and will perform a thorough, professional inspection that will alert you of any potential problems. SC Property Pros also offers home remediation services that can quickly and cost effectively bring your property to top sale condition. In addition, once your property is qualified, it can be listed as a “pre-certified” listing. This will attract more potential buyers and ultimately lead to a quicker sale. After all, isn’t that your goal, to sell your home as quickly as possible?


Real Estate Tools for Sellers

We offer free Market Snapshots that will give you great information about homes for sale in your area!







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Tips for selling your South Carolina Home


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Calling The SC Property Pros to help with your real estate needs will be the best decision you can make if success is what you are after!

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