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90 Day Listing Guarantee

90 day guarantee listing agreement










Sell your home in 90 days

When it comes to marketing a home, we at the SC Property Pros are so sure we can sell your house in 90 days or less that we offer a guarantee. Here is how it works. We come to an agreed upon listing price or if an appraisal is done, the appraised value from a certified appraiser. If we list at these terms and the house does not sell with in 90 days we will reduce the commissions by 1% and if it does not sell within 120 days we will reduce the commission by another 1 % and if I can not sell your house with in 150 days I will reduce the commission to 0%  you don't pay our part of the commission at all. That’s right all of my work will be free!Thee is one catch though, you will still have to pay the co-operating agent or broker if they have brought a buyer.

Here are more details.

  1. The listing agreement is for a term of six months.
  2. Only for existing single family homes, townhomes and condos.
  3. We have to agree on the price, sometimes an appraisal may be required depending on the area and the amount of homes that have sold. THIS IS BASED ON THE CURRENT MARKET CONDITIONS AND IS NOT A CRAZY LOW BALL FIGURE OR SOME PIE IN THE SKY DREAM!
  4. If we get an offer within 90 days that is within 95% or more of the listing price, then we have met our guarantee. If you do not accept the offer, then we are not bound by the guarantee after that.
  5. We may not require the home to be staged, but you will have to follow any recommendations regarding clean up, fixing, and modifying of the house to make it more saleable.
  6. You must allow us (if permitted in your neighborhood) to place a sign on your property, use a lock box, and be cooperative when showings are requested.
  7. You must allow us access for photographs and video, as well as permit us to advertise on the internet and display the properties address.
  8. You must allow us to conduct open house to expose the home to as many buyers as possible.




* This 3 month agreement is for homes under $419,000.

* Homes over $419,000. have a 6 month guarantee on a 9 month agreement.




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