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Is Microsoft Street Slide a Google Killer? Maybe

Posted By Justin Farrow @ Aug 27th 2010 11:45pm In: Real Estate

Coming up with the next so-called "Google Killer" may seem an impossible task at the moment, unless of course you are already walking around your house shouting search queries into thin air and actually obtaining results. Nevertheless, I'm gonna have to agree with Tony @ GeekEstate and admit that Microsoft's new street view mapping product, Street Slide may be an actual Google Killer.

Introducing Microsoft's Street Slide-a Possible Google Killer

Briefly, let's talk about what a Google Killer is.  A Google Killer is somewhat of a mythical tool, like He-Man's sword or the magic that seems to reside in Donald Trump's hair.  Its definitely not the Wolfram Alpha search engine that seems to have everyone up in a tizzy.  In order to kill Google, you must first do something (anything) better than Google does already. Next you must be prepared for what they do next.  If you watched the video about MS Street Slide, you will have noticed what I mean about it being a GKiller. You can find out more about the Street Slide Project here on Microsoft Research Labs.

Teaser for Street Slide

What Could this Mean for Real Estate Industry?

It's truly difficult to speculate about anything future related to the real estate industry, especially when it comes to possible tools that will be adopted on the heavy.  History shows us that agents tend to be either late adopters of web technologies, either because most are too busy out in the field working or put tools through rigorous testing before implementing into a marketing plan.  Nevertheless, GeekEstate's Tony gives us something to think about:

Think about it – you could make a street level tour of a neighborhood for a potential buyer and incorporate it into your listing for people who aren’t familiar with the area.

What do you think?  Do you know of something that might be a GKiller?  If so, why?

More Information related to Street Slide

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Paper Video
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