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House Hunting Tools and Tips

Posted By Jimbo Thompson @ Oct 7th 2011 1:00pm In: Real Estate

house hunterI'm going to throw out a couple of House Hunting tools that even the most savvy of investigators will appreciate.


Space Designer 3D

See if all of your furniture will fit into that nice new house that you just found!

  • Streamline your projects using intuitive design tools: draw your walls, then drag and drop openings and furniture of your choice.
  • Experiment with different finishes, colors and styles
  • Visualize in 3D and walk through your space in one click.
  • Share your designs with our design professionals and get their advices immediately.



Printable Home Comparison Chart

This house hunting tool is designed for you to list the features of houses you have viewed.  Having this information at your fingertips will help you make comparisons when it comes time to narrow your choices.


Facebook "Like" Button

You may have noticed that SC Property Pros are real estate agents in Charleston who have the Facebook Like button attached to all of their property listings.  We did this to make it easier for you to track the listings that you like, using the Facebook interface.  If you find a listing that you particularly like, just "like" it.  When you are ready to make a decision, just track back all of your likes on your Facebook profile.   Its that easy.


City Climate Comparison

Compare the climates between two cities with this handy tool



Google Street View

Nowadays, with abandoned, foreclosed homes standing as eyesores in otherwise well-kept cul-de-sacs, not to mention lowering the values of the neighbors’ homes, it’s good to know what kind of structure sits next door to the house you might be eyeing to buy. It’s also good to know if, for example, the house you love stands across the street from a set of railroad tracks.


Some More Helpful House Hunting Tips after the Jump...



Don't go into the purchase of your new house unprepared; to do so can be both disastrous and expensive. Spend some time here and get the house hunting tools you need.

Do a little homework

You're already moving in the right direction by reading this. Keep it up by gathering information about recent home sales prices, market trends, houses on the market and neighborhood statistics. Much of this is available on the Internet.

Make a list

Use our house hunting checklist to start a wish list of those features you need vs. those you want in your family's new house. You can utilize the home comparison chart to eliminate all of the frustration of forgetting why you liked or disliked a home.

Get pre-qualified for a mortgage

Rather than guessing how much you can afford to spend, fill out an application and receive a letter stating how much you're qualified to borrow. By getting your financial house in order, you will save time, aggravation and heartache.

Side-by-side comparison

A scorecard to compare homes is a great tool to use after you have looked at several houses.


Maintaining your perspective and your cool is key when searching for the perfect property. You may find the house of your dreams on the first day or the 30th day of the month. Try to remember your primary goal is to find the right home for your family.  If you botch this, you may be sleeping in the dog house.




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