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Can Real Estate and Construction Be Separated?

Posted By Justin Farrow @ Sep 2nd 2010 3:15pm In: Real Estate

The short answer is Yes.  The long answer is No, not really.



We've separated them in such a way that you will be able to see just how connected that they truly are. Just look around you (if you are reading this on site)- we admit it, we were biting off a little more than we could chew when we first began building the SC Property Pros site. Thinking about creating a site which has dedicated MLS search and real estate information packaged together with a full fledged construction company and inspections business is like trying to sell lemon trees at a lemonade stand. Sure, one cannot exist without the other, but you may get a better picture of what they need each other for if they were in different locations. Now you have a real estate search tool, which also informs you about other construction, inspections and builder services offered by the SC Property Pros, all rolled into one pretty package. If you were a real estate pirate, this site would be the booty. Nevertheless, when you search on a major engine for specific content related to one or the other, having them both in one place might be confusing. Therefore, we have now officially severed the direct relationship between construction related topics from the conversation occurring on this blog.  And we did this for one simple reason: not all house hunters (or sellers) are interested in reading about how to apply stucco or tile a kitchen floor.  In order for these topics to truly flourish we must separate our meat from the potatoes. So yes, at least in our case, construction can be separated from real estate.  Don't worry, they are only one link from one another.

Construction ServicesReal Estate Services

No, not really

Well, homo erectus couldn't have but homo hablis could've.  When man builds fixed structures atop real property, wouldn't you say that construction is involved?  Now if the ownership of such property (along with the attached fixed structure) is transferred to a different owner, we have real estate.  In this scenario, one cannot exist without the other.   Let's be serious. Without construction, real estate would be a topic only covering vacant lots. There would be nothing else to talk about.  Now build something on that lot and not only do we have real estate, but construction is now right there too.  I don't know about you, reader, but i know very few people who "live" in vacant lots-especially when there are so many nice homes.  

What's My Point?

The point of this post is to basically let our readers and subscribers know that the SC Property Pros are fully aware of how important construction is to the real estate process.  This is why our firm is your best choice when search for assistance in one or the other-when you call us, you're getting both! So when you are updating your bookmarks, please remember that our construction topics shall be covered in depth on the Construction Blog, where real estate will  be a topic worth searching for on this site.

Enjoy your day!

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